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General Membership meetings are held the second Monday each month at 6 PM.

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Fees and Dues

Two types of memberships - "A" and "BA"

  • "A" Membership is for those in the construction branch. The monthly membership dues, which consist mainly of the IBEW pension fund, includes a death benefit. Additionally, “A” members pay working assessments which are based on hours worked.
  • "BA" Membership is for those working in public employment or working for private employers other than construction.

"A" Membership Dues

Year Monthly Quarterly Annual
2016 $40.20 $120.60 $482.40

"BA" Membership Dues
Monthly dues for "BA" members are a combined amount, which in 2016 includes an International Fee of $18.00, a Local Fee of $4.00, plus one hour of wages rounded to the nearest dollar in 2016. The International Fee increases to $18.00 in 2016.

According to the IBEW Constitution, dues are to be paid in advance either monthly or quarterly.